Security Solutions

Data breaches, malicious attacks and successful security hacks against billion-dollar corporations and large multi-nationals are what make the news, but in reality, as many (if not more) attacks are waged against mid-market enterprises and small- to medium-sized businesses over the course of any given year. Why? Because smaller companies and organizations are typically far less security-conscious than their much larger counterparts, and consequently much easier to breach.

Security Services from NetPros can help make sure your business isn’t counted among those statistics with ironclad security solutions that address perimeter security, endpoint security and internal threats—along with security assessments and 24/7 security monitoring designed to proactively detect and prevent threats before they take their toll.



Compliance, Identity Management & Penetration Testing

We assess your security weaknesses and offer reports that help you address open endpoints and keep yours and your clients’ sensitive data secure.


Log Manager

We offer superior log management for improved network security and compliance.


Antivirus & Spam Filtering

We reduce clutter and stop malicious viruses before entering your system.


Threat Manager

We deliver intrusion protection, vulnerability assessment, and improved IT compliance at a fraction of the cost of traditional gateway security products, providing a critical layer of network defense against threats that can otherwise easily bypass perimeter and endpoint defenses.


Security Infrastructure Assessment

We assess the security posture, threat readiness and response levels of your current security infrastructure, providing the foundation for designing and deploying hardened defenses where needed.