Data Solutions

In the past, data storage and backup required multiple paper copies and large steel filing cabinets in which to store them. Those days are decades gone. Today, mission-critical business data—from intellectual property and financial information to confidential customer and employee data—is digital in nature, which greatly simplifies storage and accessibility, but also makes massive quantities of data vulnerable to just a single incident.

Data Services from NetPros offer the redundancy and protection you expect from a comprehensive backup system, and are part of a broader disaster recovery plan to help ensure business continuity in the event of a data disaster.



Online Backup & Restore 

We provide a cost-effective solution for data storage and rapid retrieval for PCs, laptops, file servers, application programs and databases.


Storage and Backup Assessments

We assess your disaster preparedness and readiness to ensure business continuity in the event of a data incident.


Disaster Recovery Consulting

Develop a comprehensive disaster recovery & business continuity strategy.