A better kind of IT

Virtually every IT reseller in the country emphasizes the importance of flexibility in the solutions they offer their customers—the flexibility to grow with your business, to adapt to changing market conditions, and to evolve as technology itself evolves.

But flexibility isn’t just about offering various solutions. It’s about implementing them in a strategic way to achieve your business goals.

We think you’ll discover a different type of IT experience when you work with NetPros Technologies, not just a different type of experience, but a better type of IT experience and approach to customer service.

Yes, we do emphasize the importance of flexibility in the IT solutions and services that we provide—but then we back up these solutions with white glove customer service and second-to-none support that can easily bend to accommodate your demanding schedule, last-minute changes to your business goals and needs, and even sudden, unexpected developments in marketplace conditions and business circumstances. And yes, we can accommodate all these things on a moment’s notice.

It’s this sort of flexibility and willingness to work with you that enabled NetPros to process and purchase an order for 3,000 computers on behalf of a customer—and then store these computers in our warehouse and stage the rollout over six months, when our customer was finally ready for us to install them. It’s also our nimbleness and agility that enabled us to design and implement a sophisticated virtualization solution for another customer in less than two weeks in order to meet their end-of-year budget and HIPAA-compliance deadlines.

For your next technology project, choose NetPros—and benefit from a different kind of IT experience with a technology partner whose breadth of solutions is matched by our depth of knowledge and expertise, and exceeded only by our singular focus on flexible customer service.