Privacy Statement
NTI develops and maintains the information presented on the NTI website ( With the growing threat of online identity theft in mind, NTI has developed this privacy statement in order to inform you, our valued customer, of the measures we have employed to protect your personal information. This document may be updated periodically to reflect new policies and procedures; it is therefore recommended that customers periodically review our privacy policy to remain conversant with any changes we may implement.

1) Privacy Policy Scope: NTI’s Privacy Policy is applicable only to information collected on the NTI website. Other websites affiliated with NTI may have different privacy policies; NTI is neither bound by nor responsible for information provided or collected under our affiliates’ privacy policies.

a) You, Your and Customer(s) refer to any individuals or entities participating in surveys/polls or ordering products and service.

b) We, Us, and/or Our refers to NTI.

2) Information: Personal information may be collected by NTI only when the customer is inclined to provide it. Instances where personal information may be requested include but are not limited to: making inquiries regarding products; ordering a product or requesting service information; participation in promotional activities or offers; customer surveys; and general correspondence with any member of the NTI staff. Additionally, we may ask for certain personal information including your name, mailing address, phone number(s), and email address(es). Should personal information be requested at any time in any location on our website, it will be clear what personal information is being requested.

NTI may also collect other non-personal information provided to us by your web browser. This information may include but not be limited to: the browser type used to connect to our website; the Uniform Resource Locator (“URL”) of the website visited prior to connecting to our website; which pages on our website you visit; any search terms entered within our website; which URL is visited upon leaving our website; and your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address.

3) Credit Card Information: NTI allows for the purchase of both services and products through the use of credit cards from several credit providers. Specific information will be requested from you before a transaction may be processed through a secure connection, while other types of information requests are clearly fraudulent.

a) Valid Information Requests and Methods: NTI will only request credit card or checking account information on-line through use of a secure Internet connection or when contacted by the customer by telephone. We will request information including, but not limited to, the following prior to processing any transaction:

· Name

· Mailing Address

· Email Address(es)

· Credit Card Number

· Home/Business Phone Number(s)

b) Invalid Information Requests and Methods: NTI does not solicit personal information by contacting the customer through use of direct emails or telemarketing/customer service direct calls. NTI will never request information such as the following:

· Social Security Number

· Banking Account PIN Numbers

· User Account Passwords

Any such direct contact with the customer by individuals claiming to represent NTI is suspect and likely fraudulent. If there are concerns about the validity of such contact, please feel free to contact any of our authorized representatives by going to ( and using any of the methods available under the “Contact Us” links appearing on each page

4) Personal Information Usage: Information collected by NTI will be used in various ways to assist us in better serving our customers and visitors to our website. Any and all personal information collected online will be strictly controlled and used for the following purposes: responding to inquiries; processing orders; informing customers of order status; statistical analysis; website improvement and performance analysis; development of better products and services; to notify customers of advertisements, contests, surveys, and promotions; and to notify customers of products or special offers.

Additional information on information collection methods and usages include but are not limited to instances such as the following:

a) Browsing: NTI collects browsing Information while customers are connected to our website. This information allows our site to: run more efficiently; gather demographic information; monitor activity levels on our website; and evaluate advertising and promotion effectiveness.

b) Inquiries/Orders and Customer Service/Technical Support: NTI collects information when customers contact us concerning products and services. This information identifies and documents: customer products/systems; product configuration; and customer questions regarding troubleshooting and resulting solutions.

c) Online Polls and Surveys: Any personal information provided by the customer is strictly voluntary. Customer participation in surveys and polls allows NTI to customize and improve our website, products, and services.

d) Promotional Activities, E-Mails, and Newsletters: Upon entering promotions or contests we may ask for information such as your name, address, and e-mail address(es). Providing such information allows NTI to: effectively administer the program or activity; distribute promotional e-mails; and notify customers of rewards and/or winnings. In compliance with laws applicable to such activities NTI will publish any contest’s winners list for public access.

NTI reserves the right to contact our customers in order to notify them of new services and products, as well as distribute newsletters and other promotional information through use of personal information collected online. These e-mails will only be distributed to customers who have agreed to receive them; if at any time you no longer wish to receive such contact, customers retain the right to opt out of the mailing list.

e) Personal Information Distribution: NTI will not distribute personal information such as telephone numbers, mailing addresses, or e-mail addresses without the prior consent of the individual customer. NTI does not sell or trade customer listings for any reason in order to better protect our customers from potential identity theft.

NTI does, however, provide customer information to the following: NTI subsidiaries; entities that provide services to NTI; and business partners of NTI. Such distribution is for legitimate purposes only, including those described within this privacy statement.

In the event that NTI (or a portion of the company) or its related entities merges with or is otherwise acquired by another business entity, user information and other assets may be acquired. Customers should be aware that NTI may be required to share some or all of your personal information in such an event in order to continue serving you and other users of our website. In the event of legal action or other litigation, NTI may be required by law enforcement or judicial authorities to provide personal information under subpoena to the appropriate authorities in order to comply with law enforcement investigations. Additionally, we reserve the right to report any activities that NTI believes to be unlawful to appropriate law enforcement authorities.

5) Cookie and Web Beacon Usage:

a) Cookies: Cookies, which are small data file, are placed on your computer when you visit a website; the cookie for our site will allow advertisements and notifications based on your browsing history within our website to be displayed. While accepting the cookies used on our site enables our web server to identify your system, but we cannot identify you unless or until personal information is entered. Cookies cannot be used to obtain personal information at or from another website.

The information collected by these cookies allow NTI to analyze traffic patterns on our website, over time enabling us to provide users with a better experience through better content and ease of use. Depending on the customer’s web browser there may be a notification prior to receiving a cookie, providing an opportunity to decide whether or not to accept it; additionally, a browser can be configured to refuse cookies. With cookies disabled, however, if you do so, there may be areas within our website that may function incorrectly, or personal information may need to be repeatedly re-entered.

b) Web Beacons: Web beacon technologies tailor websites for better customer service, and consist of a single pixel .GIF file that the website uses to count the number of visits, or “hits,” a website receives. NTI utilizes this technology on several pages within our website. When one of these web beacons is triggered an anonymous notice is generated at our end and added to a counter for later processing by either NTI our an affiliated vendor.

Web beacons and cookies work in tandem; if you don’t want your cookie information associated with your visits our or any other website, disable the “Allow Cookies” option within your browser (this option may not be available within all browsers).

6) Underage Users: Unless you are a user over the age of 18, parental consent is required before submission of any personal information; submission of personal information (such as credit card or bank account information) constitutes fraud and theft, and may be prosecuted.

7) Personal Information Security: NTI cannot guarantee 100% security of personal information within our databases; however, NTI uses the latest technology and software available on the market in an effort to maintain the highest possible level of security in an effort to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

8) Website Links: For our customer’s convenience we provide links to our affiliates and third-party websites; use of these links will cause the user to leave NTI’s website. NTI does not control and is not subject to or liable for the content, privacy policy, or uses of personal information by any website but our own, regardless of whether our logo is displayed on said website. We recommend that customers carefully review the privacy policies of every website visited before disclosing any personal information. These other websites collect their own information, supply their own cookies, and maintain/distribute personal information according to their own policies and procedures.

Additionally, no company with links to the NTI website is subject to, responsible, or liable for any actions or contents contained within our website or privacy policy

9) Statement Changes and Applicable Laws: NTI reserves the right to change our Privacy Statement at any time and without notification; any changes to the Privacy Statement will be annotated and posted with the date these changes took effect. Most often these changes will reflect new or additional measures instituted in an effort to maintain the best security available in order to remain compliant with the laws of the United States and Florida with regards to personal information protection.

10) Contacting NTI: For any question, comments, or issues regarding our website please contact our Webmaster through the “Contact Us” link on any of our pages.